Kevin Flynn Rerunning For Cincinnati City Council With Aim Of Restoring Integrity

Dec 1, 2020

After returning to private life, former Cincinnati Council Member Kevin Flynn will run again for City Council in 2021.

At the Cincinnati Firefighters Union Hall on Tuesday, Flynn said that restoring trust in City Hall is what inspired him to seek reelection, on top of recent events, most notably the indictment of three city council members.

"To have one-third of our council indicted or convicted of felonies involving their city office, I never thought I would say that about Cincinnati," Flynn said.

Flynn pointed to him not accepting campaign contributions while serving on council as a reason to vote for him.

"It meant that my integrity was intact and I didn't have to worry about someone questioning it," Flynn said.

In 2016, Flynn decided not to seek reelection and said that Mayor John Cranley and the council at the time would continue to do the work they started. He also did not rule out rerunning in 2021.

While he was elected in 2013 as a Charterite, he plans to run in 2021 as an Independent. 

Elections for City Council and the mayor of Cincinnati will take place next November.