Learning More About The Muslim Community In Greater Cincinnati

Dec 16, 2015

Muslim girls wearing hijabs at an Iftar meal.
Credit simple.wikipedia.org

The rise of ISIS and the recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have a large majority of Americans fearful of future attacks in the United States. And that fear, heightened by political rhetoric, misinformation, and a basic lack of knowledge about Islam, has caused some Americans to unjustly point to all Muslims as a threat.

Greater Cincinnati is home to a large, diverse population of Muslim Americans. Many of them are worried this fear and a lack of understanding are fueling discrimination and violence towards Muslims.

Joining us to discuss the Muslim community in Greater Cincinnati are Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Cincinnati Executive Director Karen Dabdoub; Chaplain for the Muslim Student Association at the University of Cincinnati, Amina Darwish; and from Clifton Mosque, Imam Ismaeel Chartier.

To learn more about the local Muslim Community, visit the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. More information can be found at islamaphobia.org and IslamiCity.com.

A Suggested Reading List from CAIR:

“Islam: A Short History” by Karen Armstrong”

“Islam & Terrorism: Myth vs. Reality” by Mauri Saalakhan

“Dying to Win” By Dr. Robert Pape

“One Thousand Roads to Mecca: Ten Centuries of Travelers Writing about the Muslim Pilgrimage” by Michael Wolfe 

“More in Common Than You Think” by Bill Baker

“God’s Prophets: Evidence from the Quran” by Dr.  B. Salem Foad, M.D.

“Islamophobia: Making Muslims the Enemy” by Dr. Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg

"Islam: The Straight Path" by Dr. John Esposito "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam" by Yahiya John Emerick

“The Muslims Are Coming!” by Arun Kundnani