Lifetime Driver's License Suspension for 20th OVI

Oct 29, 2015

After a Wilmington man gets out of jail, if he wants to go anyplace he's either going to have to walk or hitch a ride following his 20th DUI conviction.

Thursday a Warren County Court sentenced 56 year old George Tribune to the maximum of eight years in jail and gave him a lifetime driver's license suspension.

George Tribune has been convicted of his 20th OVI. He was sentenced Thursday in Warren County Court.
Credit Warren County Court

In July an Ohio State Patrol trooper stopped Tribune on I-71 North in Washington Township. He had an open alcohol can at his feet. At the Lebanon patrol post, Tribune provided a breath sample that tested .222 BAC. The legal limit in the State of Ohio is .08 BAC.

“I’m not sure how you still are a validly licensed driver after 19 OVI convictions, but I’m grateful that we were able to obtain a lifetime driver’s license suspension and get Tribune locked up and off the streets before he killed someone,” said Warren County Prosecutor David P. Fornshell.

A news release says , in addition to imposing eight years in prison and a lifetime driver’s license suspension, the Court ordered Tribune to pay a fine of $1,350. After serving eight years in prison, Tribune may be monitored on post release control for a period up to three years.