Local start-up nets big cash infusion

Nov 25, 2014

Cintrifuse and city leaders celebrate an investment in a local start-up, Everything But the House.
Credit Bill Rinehart / WVXU

A Cincinnati tech start-up supported by Cintrifuse has received a large investment from a pair of venture capitalist firms. 

"Everything But The House" is an online estate auction and consignment company, which now has the backing by firms that also supported Twitter and tumblr.  

Tim Schigel with Cintrifuse says the investment shows Cincinnati is becoming a good place for start-ups. 

“Cintrifuse was started by all the industry leaders here in town, and we have seen in the last year or two the support from that community to build a vibrant start-up community that’s producing high growth start-ups,'' Schigel says.  "Because there’s a recognition in town that a healthy vibrant community is made up of diverse people and diverse companies.”

Cintrifuse is a business incubator, which helps members connect with business mentors, investors, and customers.  Everything But the House raised $13 million, the second largest investment in start-up history in Cincinnati. 

Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld says the investment represents more than just cash for one company.  “We are no longer just dreaming about the city that we want to be.  We are becoming that city.  And I think it’s a big deal.  Everyone from scrappy entrepenuers, to some of the biggest corporations in the world have come together to create an ecosystem of innovation that is truly world class.”

Everything But the House has 160 employees in six cities now.  They want to expand to 50 markets within two years.