Lonnie Mack Special

Apr 25, 2016

Originally aired on July 16, 2011:

A one-hour special about legendary guitarist Lonnie Mack will air Saturday night at 11pm during the Blues show on WVXU/WMUB.

From Indiana and a well-known guitarist in clubs around the area for many years, Lonnie Mack will be celebrating his 70th birthday on Monday, July 18. He now resides in Nashville and rarely makes personal appearances these days.

Included in the special is background information from music historian Brian Powers and stories from guitarist Stuart Holman who played with Lonnie Mack during the 70s. Mr. Holman also talks with 92-year-old Chuck Seitz who was the recording engineer at King Records during the recording of Lonnie Mack's famous song, "Memphis" and his first album, The Wham of That Memphis Man! in 1963.

This special about Lonnie Mack was produced by Lee Hay.