A look at the importance of STEM education for future employment

May 12, 2015

Jobs requiring proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are growing two times faster than non-STEM jobs.

Over the last several years education and business leaders have been increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs, or STEM, in schools. Technical skills will be required in 80% of all jobs in the next decade.

Joining us to discuss the importance of STEM education are Dr. Kathie Maynard with the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative and assistant professor in the University of Cincinnati College of Criminal Justice, Education, and Human Services; Julie Steimle, program director of the Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science Program (CEEMS), in the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science; and, District Coordinator for CEEMS, Debbie Liberi.

On Wednesday, May 20, the University of Cincinnati is holding a conference for educators and business leaders who want to learn more about and support STEM. For information, click here. And for more information on STEM programs in our area, visit Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative.