Mayor Cranley: no politics in health board appointment

Mar 4, 2014

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said his decision to replace the chairwoman of the Cincinnati Board of Health has nothing to do with politics.  

Cranley said Tuesday in a phone interview he was appointing Herschel Chalk to replace Joyce Kinley, whose term expired on March 1st.  

“Herschel Chalk, who I’m appointing, has been a long-time advocate against prostate cancer, who's somebody I’ve gotten to know,” Cranley said.  “I was impressed by him because of his advocacy on behalf of fighting cancer.  I committed to appoint him a long time ago.”

Cranley said the expiration of Kinley’s term was his first chance to appoint Chalk to the Board of Health.  He said it had nothing to do with Kinley’s service or any plans to replace city Health Commissioner Noble Maseru.

Kinley told a council committee Monday Cranley was not reappointing her to the board.  She said she was told he made the decision to “fulfill a campaign promise.”  Kinley was appointed to the board in February 2011.  

Cranley said he gets to appoint people that he wants to serve on boards.  He also said there is no “entitlement” to being reappointed to such a board position.

Chalk’s appointment will be on the full city council agenda Wednesday.  It will be held for a week and council will vote on the issue March 12th.