Mayor takes back staff raises

Apr 26, 2013

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is rescinding raises he gave to several of his staff this week.

In a statement Mallory says:

“I am rescinding the raises that I gave my staff and returning all salaries to the previous levels.  Although the changes that I made in my office structure resulted in a saving of $66,000 to be used in next year’s budget, I realize that the perception has had a negative effect on the morale of other City Employees."

The increases had raised ire as the city is facing a $35 million deficit and considering laying of police officers and firefighters.

In his memo to the city's budget director, the mayor writes:

In order to further reduce my office budget, I am making the following changes to the salary structure of my office.  I am reducing the salaries of my staff to the previous levels before the increases in my March 27, 2013 memo.  The salaries should be Shawn Butler at $67,760, Jason Barron at $62,740, and Arlen Herrell at $60,231.

All changes should take effect starting with the next pay period on Monday, April 29, 2013.