Meet The Women Of Cincy

Mar 26, 2018

On January 21, 2017, Chelsie Walter, Kiersten Feuchter and Kelsey Johnson attended the local Women's March to capture the words and images of those participating in the event. That was the beginning.

From that day grew the desire to collect and share the stories of local women, which evolved into a social enterprise, Women of Cincy. The outlet tells the stories of the Queen City's female residents, from known names like Yvette Simpson to women like Mary Ellen Mitchell, founder of Lydia's House, a local nonprofit that provides stable housing to women and children living in poverty. Women of Cincy also recently launched its own podcast, "what is a woman?" to celebrate the ways womanhood is at once a shared experience and a diverse one. Learn more at Start Hear

Two of Women of Cincy's founding partners, Creative Director Chelsie Walter and Managing Director Kiersten Feuchter, join us to discuss how they use storytelling to build community and celebrate and support the women of Cincinnati.