Metro Will Offer Free Bus Rides Near Streetcar Route When It Opens

Aug 23, 2016

Credit Michael Keating / WVXU

Lots of people are expected in Downtown and Over-the-Rhine when the streetcar begins passenger service on September 9; and Cincinnati Metro will be offering free bus service along the streetcar route that weekend. 

Spokeswoman Sallie Hilvers said it should help with the overflow crowds.

"What we really want is for people to be able to experience it," Hilvers said. "It may require us, at places, to ask everyone to get off the streetcar so others can board.  Everybody has an opportunity to ride. But even if that's the case, you would still have a bus circulator that could maybe take you to your next destination rather than getting back in line and trying to wait for the streetcar again."

Hilvers also said it is an opportunity to showcase transit in the city.

"We really see this as a huge transit weekend for Cincinnati," Hilvers said. "So again people will come down to use the streetcar, but this also gives them the opportunity to try Metro and to really experience our system."

The buses along the route will have stops near streetcar stations.  

Many activities are planned for the opening weekend of streetcar service, including concerts, art and historical exhibits.

Passenger service on the city's new streetcar system is scheduled to begin around noon on September 9.  A formal dedication is planned for 10:30 a.m. at Washington Park.