More Walks, Races, Close Downtown Streets This Weekend

May 17, 2018

'Tis the season for charity walks and races, and as such some Downtown roads will close again this weekend. 

Saturday, May 19

Due to the Over-the-Rhine 5k on Saturday, May 19, the following streets will close starting at 8:30 a.m. until about noon: 

  • Thirteenth Street between Republic and Sycamore streets
  • Vine Street between Twelfth and Liberty streets 
  • Vine Street northbound between Liberty and Mulberry streets 
  • Fourteenth Street between Vine and Sycamore streets 
  • Fifteenth Street between Vine and Moore streets 
  • Liberty Street eastbound between Race Street and Reading Road 
  • Liberty Street westbound will be held to cross runners at Main and Vine streets 
  • Mulberry Street closed between Vine and Sycamore streets 
  • Lang Street between Seitz and Peele streets 
  • Peele Street between Lang and Main streets 
  • Clifton Avenue between Lang and Main 
  • Main Street between Central Parkway and Mulberry Street 
  • Reading Road southbound between Liberty Street and Eggleston Avenue 
  • Pendleton Street south of Twelfth Street 
  • Short Reading Road between Reading Road and Main Street 
  • Sycamore Street southbound between Liberty Street and Central Parkway 
  • Twelfth Street between Clay and Sycamore streets
  • Orchard Street between Main and Sycamore streets 
  • Walnut Street between Liberty and Twelfth streets 

Sunday, May 20

The National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Walk takes place Sunday, May 20, which will close the following roads from 9:30 a.m. until approximately 12 p.m.: 

  • Vine Street between Fifth and Court streets 
  • Race Street between Court and Seventh streets 
  • Elm Street between Seventh and Court streets 
  • Plum Street between Court and Seventh streets 
  • Central Avenue between Seventh and Court streets 
  • Sixth Street between Walnut and Race streets 
  • W. Sixth Street between Linn and Gest streets 
  • Seventh Street between Race and Walnut streets 
  • Eighth Street between Central Avenue and Walnut Street 
  • Ninth Street between Walnut Street and Central Avenue 
  • Court Street eastbound between Linn and Plum streets 
  • W. Eight Street westbound between Central Avenue and Linn Street 
  • Linn Street northbound between W. Fifth and W. Eighth streets 
  • Gest Street southbound between Linn and W. Sixth streets 

Metro buses with routes in these areas will be detoured. The Department of Transportation and Engineering says to follow any instructions posted at stops.