Multilingual initiative aims to make Cincinnati more competitive

Sep 20, 2012

Screen capture from The Cincy Bilingual Advantage web project.

The Cincinnati Hispanic Chamber is launching an initiative to connect bilingual and multilingual people from around the region with companies or others that need their expertise. allows people who speak languages other than English post their information... which chamber members, civic groups or churches can then search. Hispanic Chamber President Alphonso Cornejo believes the site is unique and will make Cincinnati more competitive in the global marketplace.

“We think that we can compete with cities that are much larger than us because we have a tool that will allow us to utilize the talents of the few individuals that speak other languages in the area. And that is not available in other cities,” he says.

The chamber is putting a heavy focus on attracting college students so companies can recruit specific language speakers when they graduate. Foreign language speakers can sign up now and the site will be searchable in February.