New Beginnings

Oct 15, 2015

On this episode of Local Exposure, we discuss New Beginnings.

Introduction: A re-evaluation of the 'P-Word'

Part 1: Meet Belinda Cai, the newest contributor to Local Exposure

Part 2: Get a preview of the Cincinnati Cyclones 2015-2016 season  from Kristin Ropp, VP and GM for the Cyclones and US Bank Arena.

Part 3: Belinda speaks with Rachelle Caplan, the head organizer of LadyFest Cincinnati and talks about the schedule of events. Belinda also wrote an article about LadyFest for this week's CityBeat.

"Burn Burn" by Kate Wakefield from the album Water Lungs
"Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J from the album Mama Said Knock You Out
"Washington Avenue" by Wonky Tonk from the album Stuff we Leave Behind
"Sleeting" by SMUT from the album Purse
"Cyclone" by Quinn Sullivan from the album Cyclone