New seats at GABP should be ready for All Star Game

Dec 15, 2014

Images from a slide show presentation show damage to the seats at Great American Ball Park.
Credit Provided / Hamilton County Commission

Great American Ball Park is getting some new seats in time for the 2015 All Star Game.

About five years after the stadium was built, the Reds noticed some of the seats were breaking. The company that made them fixed some. A competing vender quoted $5 million to fix everything.

Instead, Hamilton County Stadium Director Joe Feldkamp says he's found two local companies that will do the job for less, and support another county initiative in the process.

"We decided to use the Hamilton County Re-Entry Program," says Feldkamp. "Which utilizes folks that are coming out of prison and reacclimating them to the work environment. So we hired them as county employees and they are installing the seats."

The total price tag is about $1.3 million.

A slide show presentation image shows re-entry program workers installing the new seats.
Credit Provided / Hamilton County Commission


Feldkamp says 17,000 seats have been installed already with another 21,000 left to go (total 38,000 seats).

He aims to have everything done by Opening Day but, if not, he says they'll be done in time for the All Star Game in July.