The NKY Picnic Table Project

Jan 16, 2018

A project in Northern Kentucky is bringing communities together around the picnic table. The Public Arts Network of Northern Kentucky is inviting people to buy picnic tables, decorate them and put them on public display in order to reflect their community.

Work on the NKY Picnic Table Project begins in April, 2018 when custom-built picnic tables arrive at a warehouse where participants are invited to decorate their tables. Then in June, the tables will be delivered to the Purple People Bridge for a community picnic. For the final stage of the project, the tables will be delivered to locations in Northern Kentucky for public display and community picnics throughout the year.

Joining us to discuss the Picnic Table Project are Catalytic Development Funding Corporation Director of Community Initiatives and Communications Jill Morenz; and Human Nature Co-Founder Christopher Manning.

For more information about The Picnic Table Project and to purchase a table click here.