Northside Still Concerned About Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety

Sep 18, 2017

Northside residents are still looking for ways to increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the neighborhood.  

The community has been meeting with city officials on solutions.  

But James Heller-Jackson with the Northside Community Council told a city council committee Monday that more needs to be done.

"Over many years, we Northsiders have watched in horror as vehicular traffic seemed to get faster and less caring about people on foot or on bicycle," Heller-Jackson said. "Though we work as closely as possible with the Cincinnati Police Department we've observed less traffic enforcement efforts resulting in somewhat of a wild, wild west atmosphere on all of our streets, not just in Northside, this is happening all over the city."

Northside business owner Judy LoPresti said she sees close calls and accidents frequently.   

"So, while you guys are studying data and statistics, we can see it every day," LoPresti said. "And these are people, this is our community. And I've dumped every penny I have into this neighborhood and I really want my customers to be safe."

A council committee approved a motion to study building a roundabout at Knowlton's Corner to reduce speed and increase pedestrian safety.  The committee is also asking the police department to increase traffic enforcement in Northside.