Officers In Deadly Shooting Followed Training

Jan 12, 2016

The officers involved in a deadly shooting Monday night in Price Hill followed their training. That's according to Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac and Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

"Clearly in this situation," says Isaac, "you see an individual retrieve a firearm, point it at the officers, they respond in the manner in which they were trained. They discharged their firearms and the outcome is what we have today."

Police say Robert Tenbrink had a long criminal record.
Credit Provided / Cincinnati Police

Police say 45- year-old Robert Tenbrink attempted to rob the Walgreens on Glenway Avenue. He showed a gun to the cashier but left when she wouldn't give him any money. According to 911 calls, he then went across the street to Deal$ where he again displayed a gun. The cashier reported she gave him around $400.

Two police officers encountered Tenbrink near the intersection of Sunset and Rapid Run. Cruiser camera video shows the suspect with his back to the officers, hands raised. After several moments, he begins to turn toward officers, reaches into his jacket and pulls out a weapon.

Both officers fired. Tenbrink was struck at least once in the face and died. During a media conference, Chief Isaac was uncertain if Tenbrink was struck more than once, or how many shots were fired.

Tenbrink's weapon turned out to be a Daisy BB pistol.
Credit Provided / Cincinnati Police

Tenbrink's weapon turned out to be a Daisy BB pistol.

Isaac says Tenbrink has a lengthy criminal record including multiple felony and misdemeanor arrests, and drug and domestic violence charges. It's unclear if he was on any substances at the time of the shooting. The coroner will perform an autopsy.

Both officers are on administrative leave pending a standard investigation.