Ohio Issue 1: The Pros And Cons

Oct 17, 2018

On election day, Ohio voters will decide State Issue 1, which, if passed, would change drug possession felonies to misdemeanors, steering non-violent drug offenders away from prison and into treatment.

Proponents of Issue 1 say it would reduce the number of people in state prisons for low-level crimes and save tens of millions of dollars annually in prison spending, which would be used to increase drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Those opposing the amendment say it would make it more difficult to prosecute drug traffickers, takes away available resources from the court for rehabilitating people and doesn't give judges the ability to use incarceration when it's necessary.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss Ohio Issue 1 are Clermont County Court of Common Pleas Judge Jerry McBride; and Executive Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center and Professor of Law at Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law, David Singleton.

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