Legislature Passes Second Abortion Ban This Week

Dec 8, 2016
Originally published on December 19, 2016 7:34 pm

The Ohio Legislature has passed the second abortion bill this week. It bans abortion at 20 weeks of gestation. 

The ban, which is thought to prevent abortion at the point when a fetus could feel pain, isn’t as unique as the heartbeat bill passed earlier this week.  Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice and current Republican house member Bob Cupp says there are no questions about its constitutionality.

“In my judgment, it is not improbable that the U.S. Supreme Court will, in fact, uphold the 20 week limitations on abortions once it gets the case.”

That 20-week ban has been pushed by Ohio Right to Life. And unlike the Heartbeat Bill, Gov. Kasich will almost certainly sign it into law. And if that happens, regardless of the future of the Heartbeat Bill ban, Ohio will have increased abortion restrictions at the end of this Lame Duck session.  

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