Ohio Secretary of State sets uniform early voting hours

Aug 15, 2012

Ohio's Secretary of State says he's leveling the playing field to ensure the Presidential Election in Ohio will be "uniform, accessible for all, fair and secure."

Today during a news conference Jon Husted directed Boards of Election throughout the state to have the same hours leading up to the election. From October 22nd through November 1st the boards will be open until seven each night Monday through Friday. There won't be any Saturday hours.

"All Ohio voters will have the same amount of time--23 days or 225 hours--to vote in person prior to Election Day," said Husted.

In addition, Husted reminded registered voters that everybody will receive applications to vote by mail. The directive comes amid complaints from some Democrats that the Secretary of State was using his authority to quash early voting.

On Tuesday five Democrats urged the Hamilton County Board of Elections to extend early voting hours.