On Opening Day, we revisit the book "Pitching for Success: Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way"

Apr 6, 2015

  Cincinnati Reds legend Joe Nuxhall was known for his kind heart and compassionate manner as well as his skills as a ballplayer and announcer. In his book inspired by Joe Nuxhall, Pitching for Success: Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way, local author Doug Coates blends fiction and sports history to show young readers the importance of good character, sportsmanship, courage and compassion.

When the book was released last year, WVXU’s Howard Wilkinson sat down to talk with Doug Coates and Kim Nuxhall, director of The Joe Nuxhall Character Fund. We thought it only appropriate on opening day to give another listen to the interview about the book inspired by Cincinnati baseball legend Joe Nuxhall.

Howard Wilkinson and Michael E. Keating collaborated on this video tribute to Cincinnati Reds All Stars.