Painting, cleaning, prepping for the All-Star Game

Apr 20, 2015

A view of Downtown and the Banks from atop Carew Tower.
Credit Michael Keating / WVXU

In less than 90 days, Major League Baseball's All-Star Weekend gets underway in Cincinnati. Tens of thousands of fans are expected to visit from around the country.  David Ginsburg with Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI), says work has already started preparing the central business district to make a good impression.

“We are working with the community organizing committee on a variety of things: making sure Downtown is clean; making sure that things are painted up and cleaned up.  We’re going to be adding ambassadors.  There’s some customer service training to make sure that all the front-line employees have the same set of facts and are great with all the visitors to Downtown,” he says.

Ginsburg says he had a meeting scheduled Monday with the state and the city to discuss cleaning up highways and on/off-ramps.

He says Cincinnati only gets a chance to make a good impression like this once every 20 or 30 years.

Ginsburg says DCI learned a lot about organization and cooperation when Cincinnati hosted the World Choir Games in 2012.  “I think what we’ve learned here in Cincinnati is that we can do big things, and we can do lots of big things at the same time very well,” Ginsburg says.  “So it’s not just really a matter of rolling out the red carpet.  That red carpet is always out.”

Ginsburg says he’s also been in contact with counterparts in Minneapolis, which hosted the All-Star Game in 2014. “We’ve learned some of the things that have worked (and) some of the things that haven’t worked so well.  We’ll really be very focused on the area where visitors are going to be.”

All-Star Weekend starts July 10.