Paul Ryan brings his message to a Carthage steel company

Sep 25, 2012

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan literally rolled right into a Cincinnati steel company. His campaign bus drove into the warehouse.

Byer Steel is a small Carthage company with a big stake in U.S. trade policies. It reached out to the Romney/Ryan campaign with concerns and Tuesday the Republican vice presidential nominee came to listen. During a town hall meeting inside a steel warehouse, Ryan called this fourth generation family business the embodiment of the American idea. He says it creates jobs, provides work and struggles in a global economy. He says free enterprise has done more to produce prosperity than any other economic system.

"We don't want to replace it. We want to revitalize it. We want to renew it."

Byer CEO Burke Byer liked hearing the pro-business message from the Romney/Ryan campaign because he says now China is selling his product cheaper.

"The current administration is doing nothing about it and the pendulum is going in the wrong direction. If we don't do something the foundation of what this country was built on is going to be unbelievably eroded."

Ryan also answered questions about religious values, college debt, government growth and Israel. He criticized the Obama Administration's tax policies and their effect on companies like Byer and the ability to compete globally.

The Obama administration fired back saying Paul Ryan used the same debunked attacks and misleading rhetoric to hide his own record of raising taxes on the middle class to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy.