"Paying it forward," and keeping track

Apr 30, 2015

Community activists are start a new volunteer sharing program in Dayton, Ohio.

A community organization in Dayton is setting up a time bank to encourage volunteering.  East End Community Services is starting the Dayton Time Network, in which members earn credit for each hour they spend helping other members.  That credit can then be redeemed for hours from other members.

Potential members must first attend an orientation meeting, and when accepted, enter the hours worked online. 

The model has been used in more than 460 cities and neighborhoods around the world, including Cincinnati, according to Time Banks USA

Kate Ervin with East End Community Services calls the time bank an organized way to "pay-it-forward."  She says they are hoping other neighborhood associations and non-profits become affiliates.

The first orientation meeting for the Dayton Time Network is scheduled for May 7 at 624 Xenia Avenue.