Piper Hawkins: Visions of Light: A Christmas Story

Nov 21, 2014

When young Alice and her kindly old neighbor, Mr. Fredricks (who always reminds Alice of Santa Claus), accidentally collide in the hall of their apartment building, his glasses fall off — and that’s when the magic begins! Alice puts on the glasses out of curiosity and is enchanted to see what Mr. Fredricks sees: the love and light in others. Join Alice and Mr. Fredricks on a magical journey down Main Street, and let Mr. Fredricks show how kindness towards others makes a difference in us all.

Inspired by Cincinnati's Books by the Banks festival, 9-year old Piper Hawkins decided that she wanted to publish one of her own stories. With a little help from her mother and a successful Kickstarter campaign, she's published her first book entitled Visions of Light: A Christmas Story