Political Junkie Ken Rudin Joins Us With Plenty To Talk About, Including Russia, Health Care & More

Sep 28, 2017

Political Junkie Ken Rudin and Howard Wilkinson discuss the latest news in politics.
Credit WVXU/Pete Rightmire

North Korea's Foreign Minister says President Trump's tweets serve as a declaration of war, giving North Korea the right to shoot down U.S. jets, even in international airspace. The special counsel is looking into the flow of money with ties to Russia into Trump political funds. 

Another Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare fails to proceed to a Senate vote. And the incumbent candidate backed by President Trump and Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell in an Alabama Senate runoff election goes down in defeat.

Meanwhile,  the president continues his National Anthem battle with NFL players. And Hillary Clinton continues her book tour.

Joining us to discuss these and other top political stories are Political Junkie Ken Rudin and WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson.