Preparing Your Yard & Garden For Fall After Our Roller Coaster Summer Weather

Sep 3, 2015

The weather has caused problems for farmers and gardeners this summer, but there are ways to keep your gardens and lawns healthy and looking good as we head into fall.

We are accustomed to odd weather in the Tri-state, but this summer has been particularly unusual: heavy rains and unseasonably low temperatures followed by days of intense, dry heat, followed by more rain and cooler days. One morning it’'s August, the next October, then we'’re back to August again. It’'s posed a real challenge to farmers and anyone trying to keep their lawns and gardens healthy.

Joining us to do more than talk about the weather, they'’ll answer your garden and landscape questions, are Scott Beuerlein, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden horticulturist and chairman of the Taking Root campaign; Peter Huttinger, co-owner of Homeadow Song Farm and director of the Community Garden Program at Turner Farm; and David Koester, Campbell County Horticulture extension agent.