Richard Cordray Talks New Book And Overcoming Another Economic Downturn

May 12, 2020

Richard Cordray was the nation's first director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) when it was created a decade ago during the administration of President Barack Obama. 

He had previously served as Ohio's attorney general and state treasurer, and was then tasked with overseeing reforms to America's financial sector as the nation began to climb out of the Great Recession.

The new book by the 2018 Democratic nominee for Ohio governor, Watchdog: How Protecting Consumers Can Save Our Families, Our Economy, and Our Democracy, includes a foreword by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and details the struggle to create the CFPB, his work inside the agency, and his departure following the election of President Donald Trump.

Cordray joins Cincinnati Edition to talk about it.

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