Start Hear: Let Your Fears Make You Fierce

Sep 24, 2019

This week on Start Hear:

  • Road to Somewhere: For anyone grappling with life changes, co-hosts Lisa Oz & Jill Herzig, explore how to get fearless about transformation & actually enjoy theride.
  • The Genius of Liberty: A podcast series about the crucial yet forgotten role Ohio played in the fight for woman suffrage.
  • What The F*t: A podcast about what it means to be fit... whatever the f**k that means.

And we look at the some of the titles making themselves known on

  • The Thing About Pam: Two days after Christmas, 2011, Russ Faria came home from game night to find his wife, Betsy, dead. He was soon charged and convicted of her murder.

You can find these and other great podcast titles at