Strickland gets God, Jerusalem in Democratic platform

Sep 5, 2012

The first bit of discord at the Democratic National Committee came early in Wednesday's session when former Ohio governor Ted Strickland introduced a platform amendment mentioning God and declaring that the party believes Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Strickland, a Methodist minister and co-chairman of the platform committee, made the motion shortly after the Wednesday session began, saying God and faith "informed the development" of the original platform presented to the convention.

Convention chairman Anthony Villaroigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles, had to take three voice votes before declaring the amendment to the platform passed because there was so much opposition in the hall. There was some booing in the hall after the amendment passed.

Strickland's amendment - which came after Republicans criticized the lack of such language in the Democratic platform - seems to contradict current U.S. policy. Wednesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said the policy of the U.S. not acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel dates back to Lyndon Johnson's administration in the 1960s.