Students May Not Realize How Much They’re Paying Into Their University’s Athletics Deficit

Aug 21, 2018

There's no doubt college is getting more expensive. It's up 260 percent from 35 years ago, according to the College Board.

But many students at public universities don't realize they are also paying more for their school's athletics program, even if they don't play. And every year universities are tumbling farther into debt.

Between 2014 and 2017, the University of Cincinnati's athletics deficit totaled almost $102 million. UC covered the deficit with student fees and money from the school’s general fund. But how transparent are public universities being about what students are financing with the portion of their student fees that goes to athletics?

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the athletics deficits that UC and other Ohio universities face are University of Cincinnati Professor of History John McNay, PhD; and Director of Athletics Mike Bohn.

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