Supernatural Lore: Ohio's Ghosts, Witches And Frights

Dec 10, 2020

Ever heard of a local colony of settlers in Clermont County washed away and killed by the river, only to remain at that site in a new specter form?

What about the ghost of the Eden Park gazebo and the ghost that resides there?

From haunted amusement parks to hotels and inns (think: Golden Lamb in Lebanon), to a witch in Elmwood Place and the haunted hounds of a local cemetery, spine-chilling stories of lore populate Ohio's history and present.

So, what's real and what's a spooky figment of our imagination?

Author and historian Steven J. Rolfes profiles scary stories and occurrences from across the state and here locally in Supernatural Lore of Ohio.

He joins Cincinnati Edition to talk about it.

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