Teams Scrambling To Find New Practice Sites

Jul 25, 2016

With the upcoming demolition of the Cincinnati Gardens, eleven high school hockey teams, the Cincinnati Rollergirls and the Cincinnati Curling Club are scouting out new practice facilities.

For the Rollergirls, headed to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Playoffs, it boils down to a practice space between 8,000 and 12,000 square feet with a venue that can seat at least 1,000 fans. The teams list specific specs here. Owner Lauren Bishop says "The Rollergirls are searching for a new dedicated practice space and a new venue for the 2017 season and beyond." She says she has some venue leads but is really in need of a practice facility.

The Cincinnati Curling Team is also trying to come up with a plan, saying, "We expect to curl at another local rink; we're working on finalizing those plans over this summer, but they're not finalized quite yet," according to Stephanie Simpson.

Moeller, Elder, St. Xavier, La Salle and seven other high school hockey teams are also looking for space. St. X Coach Kevin Taylor told our news partner WCPO, "I hate to say it (hockey) would be dead (speculating before the sale) but it goes on life support."

"It's the only ice surface in the City of Cincinnati," says Elder Coach Joe Del Prince.

According to Gail Paul with the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority which bought Cincinnati Gardens, "We are helping to connect the hockey community with people and resources who may be able to facilitate a future solution, but that is all in the early stages."