Tools For Success: Unique Maker Space And Library Lending Program

Jun 21, 2017

Northern Kentucky organizations are partnering in projects to spark creativity, develop community and help local residents make home repairs and grow more of their own food. The Center for Great Neighborhoods awarded a grant to the digital branch of the Kenton County Public Library to create FORGE, a maker space and mini-library. The Center, Kenton County Public Library and Wolf Tree Farms are working together to offer free tool rentals to area residents for home improvement and gardening. 

FORGE is a maker space and mini-library located in Covington's Hellmann Creative Center.
Credit Provided

Here to discuss the FORGE and Empower Tools programs are Center for Great Neighborhoods Program Manager of Community Development, Kate Greene; Kenton County Public Library Digital Librarian, Ann Schoenenberger; and Manager of the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, Paul Duryea