A Tribute to Oscar Treadwell

Mar 30, 2016

Oscar Treadwell
Credit WVXU

Ten years after his death, WVXU/WMUB will rebroadcast this two-hour tribute in honor of Oscar Treadwell on Sunday, April 3, at 10 p.m.

During the tribute, produced by Lee Hay in 2006, listeners will be treated to excerpts from some of OT’s jazz programs including songs by local and national musicians, poetry readings, and tributes from some of his friends and fans.

The first hour of "A Tribute to Oscar Treadwell" will feature tributes by Larry Nager, music historian; Ann Santen, former WGUC General Manager; jazz pianist Steve Schmidt; jazz vocalist Kathy Wade; jazz producer David Delegator; John Leon, jazz sculptor; poet Jerry Judge; radio producer John Sutton; WGUC producer Mark Perzel; jazz producer Tony Jackson; Lynn Seaton, jazz bassist and faculty member at North Texas State; Ron Esposito, jazz producer & concert promoter; Jim Tarbell, owner of the original Ludlow Garage; and finally from the Faux Frenchmen, George Cunningham and Brian Lovely.

Listeners will be delighted to hear OT introducing various recordings heard on some of his jazz radio programs like the Cincinnati Jazz Quartet, Steve Schmidt, Charles Mingus, Cat City, Eric Friedlander, and Pigmeat Jarrett.  OT also shares poetry written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jerry Judge, and Gu Cheng.

The second hour of "A Tribute to Oscar Treadwell" focuses on a studio roundtable of his friends paying homage to his legacy: jazz producer Robyn Carey-Allgeyer; Bob Nave, jazz musician; Cliff Radel, music critic; jazz bassist Jim Anderson;  and Phil deGreg, retired CCM jazz faculty member and jazz pianist.  There are more excerpts from OT’s radio programs including a Thomas Merton poem and music from Art Blakey, George Russell, and others.

After the roundtable discussion in hour two, Saad Ghosn, publisher/editor of the annual Peace & Justice poetry publication, shares a story about OT’s poetry submissions right before his passing.  And the program ends with OT reading from one of his favorite poets, Kenneth Patchen, and touching comments by one of Oscar Treadwell’s daughters.