TV’s ‘Batman’ Stars Adam West, Burt Ward Coming To Comic Expo

Jul 27, 2015

Holy Nostalgia, Batman! TV’s original Dynamic Duo – Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) – will attend the Cincinnati Comic Expo Sept. 19-20 at Duke Energy Convention Center.

“Batman” celebrates its 50th anniversary on Jan. 12, 1966. ABC aired two half-hour episodes a year the first season, both of which finished in the top 10 for the 1965-66  TV year. They filmed 120 episodes, plus a “Batman” movie in two years.

West enjoyed a long career with guest shots on “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons,” “Murder She Wrote,” “Murphy Brown,” “Drew Carey,” “NewsRadio,” “Laverne & Shirley,” “Mad About You,” “Rugrats,” “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Lois & Clark” “Police Woman” and “Hart to Hart.”

Ward, however, was “irreparably typecast” as the campy Boy Wonder, and spent most of his career at nostalgia and comic conventions, says the International Movie Database.

If you see West, wish him a happy birthday. He turns 87 here on Sept. 19. Ward was 70 on July 6.

The “Batman” stars will appear only on Saturday and Sunday.

Previously announced stars coming to the Cincinnati Comic Expo Sept 18-20: Ian Ziering (“Sharknado” movies, “Beverly Hills 90210”), Sean Astin (“The Lord of the Rings,” “The Goonies,” “Rudy”), Robin Lord Taylor and Morena Baccarin (“Gotham”), Katrina Law (“Arrow”), Graham McTavish (“The Hobbit,” “Outlander”), Eve Myles (“Doctor Who,” “Torchwood”)  and a “Back To The Future” 30th anniversary with James Tolkan (Mr. Strickland), Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker) and Harry Waters Jr. (Marvin Berry). Also scheduled: a couple of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (David Yost, Austin St. John) and voice actresses from “Frozen” (Eva Bella, young Elsa) and Livvy Stubenrauch (young Anna).

More information on events and exhibitors attending the show can be found at the Cincinnati Comic Expo site.