University Of Cincinnati And Samuel DuBose's Family Reach Settlement

Jan 18, 2016

DuBose family at a news conference at the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office in 2015.
Credit Tana Weingartner / WVXU

Update Monday 2:36 p.m.

The family of Sam DuBose will receive nearly $5.3 million in cash and services from the University of Cincinnati.  DuBose was shot and killed by a UC police officer last July. 

The settlement comes after two days of mediation between attorneys for the family and for the university.

Nathaniel Lampley, Jr., represented UC and says the agreement covers tuition and fees for DuBose's 12 children.

“The settlement was intended to bring about healing and closure and show the DuBose family and his estate the deep concern at the loss of life that this family has had to endure,” Lampley says.

An attorney for DuBose's family says the timing of the settlement is important. Al Gerhardstein says both sides knew Martin Luther King Jr. Day was coming, and the family wanted to follow King's example of peaceful resolution.

“Even though they’ve suffered the worst indignity that can possibly be inflicted on a family, the killing of one of their members, they have responded peacefully and they’ve come up with a comprehensive resolution that both honors his legacy, and worked on the challenge of trying to prevent any future unnecessary killings,” Gerhardstein says.

Ray Tensing was fired from the UC Police Department after he was charged with murder in the case.  His trial is pending.

Original post:

The University of Cincinnati will pay nearly $5 million to the family of Samuel DuBose, who was shot and killed by then-university police officer Ray Tensing during a traffic stop last July.  A release from the University and attorneys for the DuBose family says the case was mediated in closed door sessions over a two day period.   Tensing is charged with murder in the death.  A trial date is not yet set.  

Here are the complete details of the settlement. 

Compensation.  The University will pay $4,850,000.  The University will also provide an undergraduate education free of tuition and fees for the twelve children of Samuel DuBose, which is estimated to be valued at approximately $500,000. The total monetary value of the settlement is approximately $5,300,000.

Memorial.  UC will work with the family to establish an appropriate memorial commemorating Samuel DuBose on campus.

Statement by UC President.  UC President Santa J. Ono will issue an apology to the family for the loss of Samuel DuBose.

Community Advisory Committee. UC will invite the DuBose family to attend and participate in the Community Advisory Committee meetings. The CAC is the focal point for community input on comprehensive police reform and will review the results of the external audit of the UCPD.