U.S. Sen. Brown Remains Confident After Low Democrat Turnout At Primaries

May 10, 2018

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown says he is not surprised or worried about the lower Democratic voter turnout during yesterday's primary election.

Across the board, the Republican turn out was higher in Ohio, though overall voter turnout was lower than typical primaries.

Brown says that shouldn't worry Democrats when it comes to November. He points to a divisive Republican primary.

“I think the enthusiasm is clearly on the side of people who want a different direction for this country and want a different direction for this state," he said. "...On the Democratic side there weren’t a lot of TV ads, there weren’t a lot of attacks back and forth to kind of get people going."

Brown also believes the primary results demonstrate a strong showing for Democrats in the governor’s race, with Rich Cordray beating five opponents with about two-thirds of the vote.

Brown is up for reelection this year and ran unopposed in the primary. He’ll face Republican Jim Renacci in the general election.

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