We Review The Mayoral Primary, The Joe Mixon Bengals Draft, And Other Top Stories

May 5, 2017

Each Friday on Cincinnati Edition we present an in-depth discussion of the developments behind the headlines.

This Tuesday's mayoral primary attracted a low percentage of voters, with Council Member Yvette Simpson handily beating incumbent mayor John Cranley and first-time candidate Rob Richardson, Jr. And the Cincinnati Bengals made a controversial hire when they drafted Joe Mixon. 

Joining us this week to discuss the outcome of Tuesday's primary, Joe Mixon joining the Bengals and other top stories are WCPO.com/WCPO Insider Government and Political reporter Amanda Seitz and Managing Editor, Opinion and Engagement, David Holthaus; Cincinnati Business Courier staff reporter and columnist Chris Wetterich; Cincinnati Enquirer sports columnist Paul Daugherty and local politics reporter Jason Williams.