What Are Employers Looking For In New Employees And The Need For Quality Workers

Jan 11, 2017

There are hundreds of jobs available in Greater Cincinnati, but it's often difficult for companies to find employees with the right skillsets to meet their needs
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Human resources professionals will tell you there are plenty of job openings in Greater Cincinnati. But employers often have trouble finding the right employees for the jobs they have available. 

This has several negative effects on the economy, including more people remaining unemployed for longer periods of time, local companies unable to grow their businesses, and new companies hesitant to relocate to the region.

Joining us to discuss the skillsets and experience employers look for when hiring new workers and what type of local labor force attracts new businesses to an area are Vice President of Business Development and Projects with the Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati, Kimm Coyner; and Tom Gilman, managing partner and CEO at Gilman Partners, a retained executive recruiting firm.