Where Do We Go From Here? And More To Discuss With Political Junkies

Dec 17, 2020

President Donald J. Trump continues his refusal to concede his loss in the November election and also to maintain that fraudulent votes prevented the Republican's second term.

Those claims have, one after the other, been tossed out of courtrooms, and have not been credibly substantiated.

But now that Democratic rival and former Vice President Joe Biden has officially won the Electoral College's vote, most Republicans in the U.S. Senate have acknowledged that Biden will become president in January.

In the U.S. House, however, more than 100 Republican members signed on to a doomed legal effort to overturn November's election results.

So, what is the state of American politics - and even democracy - as we end this challenging year, dominated by a contentious election and a deadly virus?

We have a full hour of your questions and comments at 513-419-7100 and talk@wvxu.org, with Political Junkie Ken Rudin and University of Oklahoma Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Rachel Blum.

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