While Preparing For Vetoes, Obhof Touts Past Collaboration With Kasich

Dec 18, 2018
Originally published on December 17, 2018 4:12 pm

The Ohio House and Senate are bracing themselves for a busier than usual week after Christmas as Gov. John Kasich deliberates his response to several controversial bills. Those pieces of legislation implement bans on certain abortions, advance pro-gun policies, and raise paychecks for elected officials. 

Those bills are items Kasich has suggested he would veto if they landed on his desk. 

If he does veto any of those bills, it'll be up to the legislature to decide whether they want to return to the Ohio Statehouse to hold an override vote. The House and Senate, which both have a Republican supermajority, have set a possible session date for December 27 for that reason. 

While lately there has been a focus on their differences, Sen. Larry Obhof (R-Medina), Ohio Senate president, says there have been plenty of things on which Kasich and the General Assembly have collaborated. 

“I do want to emphasize that the House and the Senate and the governor have worked very well together for eight years, that we all have the same goals for the state of Ohio,” says Obhof.

There has seemed to be a rift between the General Assembly and Kasich as he continues to build up his reputation as a counterpoint to President Donald Trump.

For example, on the topic of guns, Obhof says he hasn’t spoken to Kasich in months.

The House and Senate have overriden 12 of Kasich's vetoes in the past two years.

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