Why Are Crews Removing Brush And Trees Along I-75, I-275?

Mar 7, 2017

If you drive I-75 through Downtown regularly you've probably noticed something that's gone missing.

Brush removal crews are tearing out vegetation on both sides of the highway heading south from the Western Hills Viaduct.

What's left behind is a whole lot of trash, which is part of the point. Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Brian Cunningham says it's harder to spot the mess when it's hidden by shrubbery.

Brush removal crews exposed this homeless camp hidden among the shrubs along I-75 and Ezzard Charles.
Credit Provided / ODOT

"It will help our forces to identify where and when we need to do some litter pick-up," he says. "It just basically makes those areas more visible. It helps with security around our bridges and deters homeless camps."

It also makes it easier for bridge inspectors to do their work.

The removal effort started about a month ago and will continue, Cunningham says, until the vegetation is under control.

Similar vegetation removal along I-275 between Montgomery and SR 32 is unrelated. Cunningham says it's being done to improve sight distance around a curve.

Before and after images of brush removal along I-75 at West 8th St.
Credit Provided / ODOT