WOTH-TV Drops Antenna TV, Adds BUZZR TV Game Shows

Nov 4, 2015

Game show host Monty Hall
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Low power WOTH-TV has added the BUZZR game show network on over-the-air Channel 20.3 and dropped Antenna TV, which I’m hearing could move to a stronger Cincinnati signal before Johnny Carson “Tonight Show” reruns premiere in January.

BUZZR airs reruns of Monty Hall’s “Let’s Make A Deal,” “Family Feud,” “Match Game,” “Super Password,” “To Tell The Truth,” “What’s My Line,” “I’ve Got A Secret," "Press Your Luck” and “Tattletales.”

Antenna TV, owned by Tribune Media Co., adds  much anticipated Carson "Tonight Show" reruns on Jan. 1, as I reported on in August

Sean Compton,  Tribune’s president for strategic programming and acquisitions and a former WLW-AM and Jacor employee, told me in August he wanted to improve Antenna TV’s carriage before Carson debuts. Expect Antenna TV to become a digital multicast channel on a Cincinnati full-power station available on Time Warner Cable.

Low power WOTH-TV (Channel 20) and WKRP TV (Channel 25) are not carried by Time Warner. Elliott Block, owner of WOTH and WKRP, did not respond to messages about the channel change.