Xavier University's Mission Animators Effort Looks At Immigration, Migration And Refugees

Sep 28, 2016

As part of a year-long integrated program, Xavier University will be examining immigration, migration and refugees. A group of Xavier faculty and staff, the Mission Animators, will provide extensive programming, to include various courses, film screenings, educational sessions and panels.

Joining us to discuss the Xavier Immigration Mission Animators program are Xavier University Conway Fellow on Immigration and Associate Professor of History, Dr. Christine Anderson; XU Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, Dr. Thilini Ariyachandra; ‘Mission Animator,’ Director of the Community Building Institute, and Director of the Urban Sustainability and Resilience Program at Xavier, Liz Blume; and Mission Animator and Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity at XU, Dr. Debra Mooney.

Documented,” a film about award-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas' journey from the Philippines to the United States, will be shown this Thursday at 6 p.m. in the XU Gallagher Student Center Arupe Overlook. Click here for all events.