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Shakespeare Series

Theater comes to you, wherever you are, with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s audio productions on our airwaves.

WVXU is proud to partner with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in its goal of making the theater accessible to the people of Greater Cincinnati.

The scripts of these selected works are specially recorded in-house at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to be perfectly clear and coherent in audio form so that you can visualize all the action and pick up on the rich characterization in each production.

Whether you’re a scholar of letters or this is your first introduction to the stage, these works are meant to be enjoyed by all.

Check back here for announcements of future broadcasts and be sure to catch our previous shows below:

  • When a zombie apocalypse ravages the world, a band of strangers seek refuge in an abandoned house, forcing the group to work together to see the light of day.
  • What do you get when you combine a shipwreck, a cross-dressed Lady, a lovelorn Lord, a fickle Countess, a drunken uncle, a flamboyant fop, an uptight servant, a mischievous clown, a protective pirate and an identical twin?
  • The secret marriage of a king's daughter sets off a chain reaction of slander, jealousy, and divine intervention in this quirky romance.
  • Mary Shelley's classic brought to radio in a fresh and modern new World Premiere adaptation by Candice Handy and Brian Isaac Phillips.
  • Murder, mayhem, and mutilation abound as Roman general Titus Andronicus returns victorious from 10 years of war with his arch-nemesis Tamora Queen of the Goths!
  • Betrayed and exiled to a deserted island, with only his books and his infant daughter for company, the magician Prospero has spent years plotting his revenge.
  • Although a Moor and an outsider in Venice, Othello's military prowess has earned him the respect of many—and the seething animosity of one.
  • The prodigal Prince Hal has cast off the unruly companions of his youth and ascended to the throne of England. But the country is bankrupt and civil unrest bubbles just under the surface.
  • The bawdy, bombastic, and chronically cash-poor Sir John Falstaff has been causing problems in the quiet town of Windsor. When his massive bar tab outstrips his meager means, he needs to raise some cash—and quick.
  • Prophecies. Ambition. Murder. Madness. After an encounter with three witches on a Scottish battlefield, Macbeth must make a decision that will change the course of her life.
  • Beatrice and Benedick are the perfect match. It's too bad they can't stand each other.
  • As the soothsayer warns Julius Caesar: “Beware the ides of March.” This epic tale of conspiracy, power, and political idolatry feels hauntingly familiar to today's world.
  • In defiance of their families, amidst the animosity of friends, and in concealment from their mentors, the young couple risks everything to be together.
  • Pop in your earbuds as the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company brings Wells’ chilling sci-fi thriller back to life in a brand new auditory experience inspired by the Mercury Theatre’s original broadcast.
  • What happens when feuding faeries meddle in the love lives of human couples? Comical adventures, mistaken identities, and a silly play-within-a-play!