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Ask Me Another
Saturdays at 11 am

Ask Me Another brings the lively spirit and healthy competition of your favorite trivia night right to your ears. With a rotating cast of funny people, puzzle writers and VIP guests, it features the wit of host Ophira Eisenberg, the music of house musician Jonathan Coulton, and rambunctious trivia games, all played in front of a live audience.

And don't miss out on our weekly Ask Me Another Trivia Challenge for your chance to win fabulous prizes from our famous Closet Of Leftover Thank You Gifts.

  • In this music parody game, The War Report podcast hosts Shalewa Sharpe and Gastor Almonte are served a hefty helping of Supremes songs rewritten to be about fast food chains.
  • Hosts of the podcast The War Report, Shalewa Sharpe and Gastor Almonte, play this word game in which every answer is the title of a movie, with one of the words replaced with a rhyming body part.
  • Shalewa Sharpe and Gastor Almonte, hosts of the podcast The War Report, figure out which corporate relationships are true and which are false. Pet food candies? Cheesecake workouts? Who's to say.
  • RuPaul's Drag Race alum and Call Me Mother co-host Peppermint talks about the origins of her name and the winding road of her theater career.
  • Miracle Workers actors Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni take on this latest installment, venturing through the "tens" of centuries past.
  • Miracle Workers stars Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni play a game about things that reach very, very hot temperatures. Please bring flame resistant clothing, or at least some oven mitts.
  • In Treatment and Orange Is the New Black actor Uzo Aduba talks about seeing therapy from the other side after playing a therapist. Then, she tees off for a round of Trivia Golf with Jonathan Coulton.
  • Quinta Brunson (A Black Lady Sketch Show) and Taylor Garron (Look I Bought Plants: And Other Poems About Life and Stuff) navigate some new clubs themed after elements on the periodic table.
  • Quinta Brunson (She Memes Well) and Taylor Garron (Look I Bought Plants: And Other Poems About Life and Stuff) identify the TV clips that have been haunting everyone's For You Pages.
  • In this game, comedian Bethany Van Delft (Parentalogic and "The Ten News,") and Tanya Morgan rapper Donwill try to weed out which cunning crops are secretly broccoli.