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Is Poison Ivy Getting Stronger? And More To Discuss With Gardening Experts


On Cincinnati Edition's monthly gardening show, live at noon Wednesday, we will take your phone calls at 513-419-7100 and emails at talk@wvxu.org for the full hour. One current area of concern is the possibility that climate change is "super-charging" poison ivy.

According to Grist, the plant is thriving, leafier, with more prolific vines. And its itchiness is more intense, too.

We will talk about that and whatever else is on your mind as it relates to gardens, plants, landscaping, trees, flowers and more.

Joining us for the program this month are Hamilton County Extension Agent Joe Boggs and Waterfields Director of Greenhouse Operations and adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati's horticulture program Joshua Jones.

Listen to Cincinnati Edition live at noon M-F. Audio for this segment will be uploaded after 4 p.m. ET.

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