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Cincinnati Police Join National Initiative To Boost Women In Policing

Bill Rinehart

Earlier this month, the Cincinnati Police Department announced an initiative to diversify its workforce by seeking to recruit and hire more women to be police officers and occupy other roles within the department.

That effort is part of a broader national push called the 30x30 Initiative, which seeks to ensure that 30% of police forces across the country are made up of women by the year 2030. Currently, only about 12% of police officers nationally are women, and only about 3% of leadership positions within police departments are held by women.

CPD does somewhat better than the national average, the department says. The department is about 22% women currently.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about the initiative — and about the importance of women in policing more generally — are Cincinnati Police Lt. Corporal Teresa Theetge, Lt. Germaine Love and Police Officer Jennifer Chilton.

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