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As Merkel Era Ends, We Talk With German Consulate General

Courtesy Of Holocaust And Humanity Center
German Consul General Wolfgang Moessinger (pictured center) discussed the cooperation between the United States and Germany to combat misinformation at the Holocaust and Humanity Center Sep. 17, 2021.

Germany’s center-left Social Democrats narrowly beat outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Union on Sunday. Merkel steps down after 16 years steering Europe's largest economy. What does her departure mean for U.S. and German relations?

We asked German Consul General Wolfgang Mössinger. He was in Cincinnati to discuss cooperation between the U.S. and Germany. Mössinger spoke at the Holocaust & Humanity Center where he also discussed the urgent need to combat misinformation surrounding the Holocaust and COVID-19.

Joining Cincinnati Edition is German Consulate General Chicago Wolfgang Mössinger; and Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center CEO Sarah Weiss.

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